Work with a bank who wants you.


Work with a bank who wants you.

Proven Merchant Services

CannAccept has helped over 500 clients with affordable merchant services and credit card processing for their businesses.

  • Hemp Merchant Processing
  • Hemp Retail Credit Card Terminals
  • Hemp Factory/Business Loans
  • Hemp Business Insurance

Actual Industry Experience

We use proven banking partners and lenders that specifically lend to hemp-related businesses. In addition to payment processing, CannAccept offers a range of banking services.

  • Hemp Factoring
  • Hemp Business Loans
  • Hemp Merchant Loans
  • Hemp Compliant Banking

Shared Values and Respect

Integrity and relationships matter. At CannAccept, our mission and values reflect these core principles. We strive to work with other business owners who are like us: Passionate about the benefits of the plant and dedicated to playing a responsible role in the business community.

Why CannAccept

As the leader in CBD Merchant accounts we have seen and heard it all from our customers; merchant account nightmares, shutdowns, crazy high processing fees, to a constant worry about their account getting closed for arbitrary reasons. We also know there are plenty of fly-by-night companies that claim they specialize in hemp customers, but only offer ridiculously high-risk rates to honest, low-risk companies.

Get in touch and be treated like a normal business.

Pay the same Credit Card processing rates that other lower-risk industries pay.

Stop worrying about your banking and focus on growing your business.

Client Testimonials

Christina, Retailer
We were processing $100k a month with our processor but lived in the constant worry that our entire online store could get shut down because we carry CBD along with other products. CannAccept was able to match our already low rate but give me peace of mind we wont get shut off. We now are carrying an entire range of CBD products. Thanks Guys! Christina – CBD Etailer

John, Large CBD Brand
This team is a breath of fresh air for this industry. Good guys, who love the plant and great to work with. They got my extremely high merchant account switched over and got my rate super low.. John – Large CBD Brand

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